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Istanbul Mall Shopping Center: Get to Know its Entertainment Facilities and Restaurants

    Istanbul Mall Shopping Center
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    These days, Turkey is known as one of the most popular tourist attractions in the worldOne of the most popular attractions in this country is Istanbul Mall, which is one of the most popular shopping centers.

    Those interested can get to know Istanbul Mall in this section. This shopping center has a variety of international brands that you can visit

    This shopping center is very large and has many attractions and entertainment facilities. One of the important reasons for the popularity of this shopping center among tourists is its luxurious and modern atmosphere. This center has the most famous brands in the world that you can buy.

    Everything about Istanbul Mall shopping center

    Since one of the most important things to do when traveling to Istanbul is shopping, and we are currently in the best season to travel to Istanbul, it seems that the introduction of shopping centers in Istanbul can be one of the most useful materials for you, dear readers. The shopping center that we want to introduce and examine for you today is the Istanbul Mall shopping center. This large and beautiful shopping center is located in the Mahmoud Bay neighborhood. In the future, stay with us in Ali Gesht to get to know Istanbul Mall shopping center completely and comprehensively together.

    In addition to having many tourist attractions, Istanbul is one of the best cities in the world for shopping! This big city is full of various shopping centers. From very modern and luxurious shopping centers to ordinary arcades and vendors! In the meantime, Istanbul Mall is one of the largest and most complete shopping malls in Istanbul, and being there is both an omen and a spectacle. 

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    In this commercial complex, you can buy and have good facilities for entertainment. Being in this shopping center can provide you with the opportunity to be among all the international brands of the fashion world.

    Istanbul Mall is one of those commercial complexes that has some of the largest stores in Turkey. If you are going to Istanbul, remember that always at the end of the spring season and at the beginning of the summer season, Istanbul Mall, which is also called Mui; By holding shopping festivals and giving many discounts to its customers, it creates the opportunity to make a serious and basic purchase and to be able to buy from famous brands such as Balmain, Debenhams, Decathlon and with any budget they have.
    Buy many other famous brands of the world. After participating in 
    the Istanbul tour, go to Istanbul Mall for shopping.

    This very large shopping and entertainment complex has 4 very large and wide floors, each of which is full of very large shops and stores. According to the latest statistics published by the Istanbul Mall shopping center, 30 stores, and shops are currently operating there. If you want to buy items such as women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing, bags and shoes, accessories, and various so-called accessories such as branded glasses, various ornaments from gold to branded rhinestones, and all kinds of accessories. 

    Of course, shopping is not the only thing you can do in Istanbul Mall shopping center and you can also use the entertainment facilities of this shopping center. There are various food courts and restaurants in Istanbul Mall shopping center that you can go to and have a full stomach in the good restaurants of this shopping center. It is enough to decide whether you want to eat fast food or Turkish food!

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    Of course, it is also possible for you to use a restaurant whose menu is international or European. Even if you don’t feel like eating, there are cafes in Istanbul Mall shopping center on different floors to welcome you or your companions. If you want to have some fun, you can go to the Cintech cinema, which has 16 different theaters and is built with the latest technologies in the world of cinema, and watch the movie of the day. 

    Do you know about Istanbul Mall Mall, which houses one of the largest indoor amusement parks in Turkey and even Europe? This very large and indoor playground is full of various exciting games that can not only entertain your child but even involve you!

    The best game in Moi Park is its snow park. These were the best services provided for you in Istanbul Mall shopping center. Apart from these, you can use facilities such as: Atlantis bowling complex, mother and child room, family parking, unlimited and free wireless internet in Istanbul Mall area, stage hair collection, emergency, and first aid center, and agency There is Global Blue, free parking and many other facilities. In this shopping center, there are nearly 50 elevators and nearly 90 escalators on 4 separate floors.

    Istanbul Mall Shopping Center Entertainment Facilities and Restaurants

    This complex has floors and its area reaches 5 thousand square meters. In this collection, you can buy from big and small shops. As mentioned, this collection has a variety of world brands. Cinema complex and amusement park are among the most important attractions of this center.

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    Center cafe and restaurant:

    This center includes many privileges and facilities. If you are tired after a long shopping, be sure to spend hours in the restaurant and cafe. You can also taste international dishes in this collection. These restaurants are not only stylish and up-to-date but also have a delicious food menu. 

    Recreational facilities of the center:

    The center of Istanbul Mall has many advantages. A variety of shops and shopping centers in this complex have many visitors. The fashion, food and clothing industries are very active in this center. Also, if you are interested in new cinemas, you can visit this cinema.

    The cinema of this complex has 6 halls. In addition to this, the indoor amusement park has many advantages and includes various facilities. You can experience a lot of excitement in this amusement park. The equipment of this complex is up-to-date and includes various entertainment.

    Buy from the center:

    Today, this center is one of the sights of Istanbul , and you got to know its important advantages in this section. The biggest stores in this collection have LC Waikiki brands that you can buy. The variety of women’s and men’s clothes are also high in this collection. Jewelry and ornaments in this collection also have a lot of variety.

    This center is one of the most important shopping centers in Istanbul . Family parking, unlimited internet, cinema complex, store area, mother and child room, first aid, emergency center, etc. are some of the most important facilities of this complex.

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