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10 of The most attractive sights of Colombia that every tourist should see!

    The most attractive sights of Colombia
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    The sights of Colombia have a lot of variety and attractions. In this section, you can learn about 10 of The most attractive sights of Colombia such as national parks, museums, and historical structures of this country. These attractions have a lot of variety for tourists.

    One of the places to see and enjoy in South America is the country of Colombia, which has surprises for tourists. You can learn more about the sights of Colombia and learn more about the undiscovered charms of this country.

    10 of The most famous and attractive sights of Colombia

    Colombia has the most pristine landscapes such as the Amazon River. The pristine beaches and mountains of these areas are very attractive for tourists. Traveling to this area is more than fun and sightseeing, but you will have an exciting experience on this trip.
    You who are interested in traveling to this region of South America will gain new experiences.

    Which South American attractions are popular?
    You can learn more about the beauty of this area in this section. This country has green mountains and vast rivers, which are the most important attractions in this part.
    This country still has many historical and cultural attractions for tourists.


    1. Vale Decora:

    This tourist area has many attractions. Palm-like trees, which are an important symbol for this country, grow in this area. You can see one of the most dreamy views in this area.
    Jeep tours and group walks are among the recreational attractions in these areas.

    Vale Decora
    Vale Decora view

    2. Santa Fe Mall:

    This shopping center has many features for tourists. This center was opened in 2010. The opening roof, high area, and amenities are the most important advantages of this complex for tourists. Various exhibitions are held in these areas every year. This complex has 380 stores.

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    Santa Fe Mall
    Santa Fe Mall Sights of Colombia

    3. Tirona National Park:

    This park is also one of the sights of Colombia and has many features for tourists. This park is a strip of virgin forests. These areas have protected vegetation and animal species.
    If you want to experience a cozy and dreamy place, this area is very suitable.

    Tirona National Park Sights-of-Colombia
    Tirona National Park Sights-of-Colombia

    4. Las Lajas Church:

    This church, which is located above the valley of the Guaitara river, offers beautiful views in front of you. This church connects the two sides of the river like a bridge. This building, which belongs to the 18th century, has many visitors from all over the world. This building has Gothic architecture.

    Las Lajas Church

    5. Botero Museum:

    This museum in Bogato hosts many tourists. In this collection, you can see the most important artistic effects. The most prominent works of artists such as Fernando and Botero are found in this collection. You can also see pieces by Pablo Picasso in this museum.

    Botero Museum sight in Columbia

    6. Takundama Waterfall Museum:

    This museum overlooking the Tekundama waterfall was built in 1923. This mansion has a very unique architecture and you can see views of the waterfall and the luxurious building in one view. You can also use these buildings as accommodation.

    Colombia has many entertainment and tourism wonders. You can get to know more attractions of this country in the rest of this section. Also, many cultural and historical features in these areas had made tourists new cultural and historical experiences.

    Takundama Waterfall Museum Sights in Colombia

    7. Gabriel Garissa Marquez House Museum:

    If you want to know another of the sights of Colombia, this museum is a suitable and different place for you. This building is actually a reconstructed example of Gabersel García Márquez’s house. He is a popular and famous writer. This South American writer is very famous and his house has a very beautiful architecture.

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    Gabriel Garissa Marquez House Museum:
    Gabriel Garissa Marquez House Museum:

    8. Jim Doki Park:

    This park has special and unique entertainment. You can choose this place for your family and friends fun. One of the interesting and entertaining parts of this place is its zoo. Beshr Museum is also one of the parts of this collection. This building was built by the famous Colombian pilot in 1983.

    Jim Doki Park Sights of Colombia

    9. Canyon Crystals River

    This river also has many attractions for enthusiasts and tourists. Perhaps one of the attractions of this river is its colorfulness for tourists. You can get to know the various attractions of this area in different seasons of the year. The water of this river, which passes through the Andes, flows into the vast plains of Lanos and has made the slopes of this plain greener.

    Canyon Crystals River

    10. Ciudad Perdida

    One of the other wonders of Colombia is the beauty of these areas. This lost city has pristine and untouched charms. The green forests of this area are very important. Also, this city has a very long history and is one of the ancient cities. In these areas, there are still ancient ruins that you can see up close. Traveling to this area is a bit difficult as there is no public transport to get around.

    Ciudad Perdida Sights of Colombia

    11. Tayrona National Park

    This park is also one of the protected areas in the Caribbean. The area of ​​this complex is 150 square kilometers and it has suitable climatic and geographical conditions. In these areas, you can see species of native animals. This park is known as one of the most visited attractions in Colombia.

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    Tayrona National Park

    Final Words:
    By looking at Colombia, you can get more information about traveling to this country. If you are planning to travel to this country, it is better to have a proper travel plan. You can have a new and interesting experience with a group trip to this area. These areas have various national parks and very green and spectacular landscapes.

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