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9 common mistakes in buying Flight tickets online

    mistakes in buying Flight tickets online
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    If you are one of those people who don’t use airplanes much, then naturally, getting to know the common mistakes in buying flight tickets online is one of those things that you should pay special attention to, because most people when searching and booking to buy plane tickets They make mistakes and experience a lot of loss.

    Even if you mostly use air travel, there are many pitfalls to avoid when buying plane tickets online. Whether you’re buying a plane ticket for the first time or the 1,000th time, there are plenty of opportunities to make a mistake, especially when you’re traveling abroad.

    In this article, we explain the common mistakes in buying plane tickets online, so read this article to avoid repeating these mistakes in the future.


    Choosing the cheapest airline ticket is a big mistake

    Some airlines offer the cheapest tickets, but what is the reason for the cheap tickets on these lines? In most cases, the facilities that are available to passengers even on economy flights are not available to passengers in these lines.

    For example, it does not allow the passenger to carry luggage inside the cabin, he cannot choose his seat, and he is also not allowed to change the ticket and make other changes after buying the ticket.

    Airlines like this may be tempting at first glance because of the low price, but you should see why they offer their prices lower than economy flights, because anyway you have to follow the rules of that company and everything before buying. think.

    Choosing the cheapest tickets is one of the most common mistakes in buying plane tickets online, and if you want a flight that you can take with you in the cabin or even change your seat, it is better to buy airline tickets at a standard price, and this is because Remember that there is no cheapness without a reason.

    The cheapest airline ticket

    Booking early and even late is another common mistake in buying plane tickets online

    The belief that you can find the best price by buying the plane ticket as early as possible is no longer valid for a long time. Normally, you can book a plane ticket 11 months before the start of your trip, but if you are looking for a cheap ticket for a trip, 11 months before your trip is not a good time to book a plane ticket. Be careful that trying to book a ticket six months in advance is not a smart thing at all, and even in such a situation, you have to pay more, because the initial prices are set very conservatively by the airlines.

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    On the other hand, buying and booking a plane ticket in the last minutes before the start of the trip will cost you more. Prices are usually fixed in the two weeks leading up to the trip, giving you more choices to book from different agencies, rather than having to shop around for fewer options in the lower days closer to the trip.

    Booking tickets on weekends is another common mistake in buying plane tickets online

    Buying tickets on weekends probably fits most people’s work schedules, because people usually have more time and can buy tickets more easily, but they may need to pay more.

    Buy plane tickets online

    On the other hand, shopping at times when most people choose that time, for example, weekends, reduces your chances of finding better positions. According to available information, there are fewer shopping opportunities on weekends for international and domestic travel, with prices being much higher than during the week.

    Early morning flights are the best choice

    Usually, 5 am flights are a better choice, so according to the information, flights that take place between 4 am and 8 am, have cheaper prices and passengers can save some money.

    But what is the reason for this? Most people are looking to fly after 8 am so that they can reach their destination in the afternoon, so you can even save some money by choosing an early morning flight.

    On the other hand, early morning flights are less likely to be delayed, and in this sense, you no longer need to wait several hours at the airport to delay your flight. According to available information, airports are the busiest possible time from noon to 10 pm.

    mistakes in buying Flight tickets online

    Avoid choosing specific dates to buy plane tickets

    According to 2019 travel pricing data, flights departing on Thursday or Friday command the lowest rates, while Sunday flights are the most expensive. Therefore, choosing special days such as holidays is another common mistake in buying plane tickets online, even when you are looking to reduce costs.

    On the other hand, it is important to know that the selection of plane tickets depends on the destination and day of travel, and ticket prices may vary from month to month. It is necessary to compare the ticket prices to see which days are cheaper.

    Don’t buy the wrong plane ticket

    Entering wrong information falls into two categories of information related to the origin and destination and identification information, which we provide useful explanations for each of them below:

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    Entering false information about the origin and destination

    It may be hard to believe, but there are many travelers who enter the information about the origin and destination incorrectly, for example, they are supposed to buy a ticket from Dallas to texas, but due to carelessness and not paying attention, they buy a ticket from Texas to Dallas.

    Don't buy the wrong plane ticket - Eli Gesht

    In such a situation, if the passenger realizes his mistake early, he cancels the ticket and buys the correct ticket again, but there are many cases where the passenger just realized his mistake at the airport, train, or bus station, and besides paying a lot of damages, It also wastes a lot of time.

    Of course, keep in mind that if the purchased ticket is a charter type, in case of cancellation, the entire amount purchased will be charged to the passenger as damages. This is one of the common mistakes in buying plane tickets online, and it is necessary to be careful and pay attention to the entered information when buying.

    Entering a wrong identification information

    Another common mistake in buying plane tickets online is related to entering wrong identification information, which happens more often compared to the above.

    After you choose the ticket you want from the site, it’s time to enter your identity information. It is necessary to enter information such as name and surname, nationality code, passport number (for foreign flights), date of birth, and passport expiration date (for foreign flights).

    As you know, some passengers usually have a nickname in addition to their birth certificate name, and when they enter a nickname instead of their birth certificate name in the flight information, they cause a big mistake. In fact, when the information on the ID card does not agree with the information on the flight ticket, the flight card will not be issued at the airport and the passenger will miss the flight. Be careful that typographical errors are among the most common mistakes in buying plane tickets online, and the flight card will not be issued exactly as described above, and the passenger will experience a lot of loss.

    Common mistakes in buying tickets online

    Don’t make a mistake in buying plane tickets online!

    One of the most important things that you should pay special attention to when buying plane tickets online is choosing a valid site to buy from. Most of the people who intend to buy tickets online only pay attention to the price and consider the cheaper price as the criterion of being better without considering the credibility of the site, while paying attention to the e-commerce trust symbol is one of the most basic things you should do. On the other hand, you can use the experiences and opinions of other users to ensure the site.

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    Choosing the wrong ticket is another common mistake in buying plane tickets online

    You must be one of those people who think that a charter ticket is cheaper than a system ticket and you always prefer to buy a charter ticket. This is a misconception that has spread among people and sometimes buying a charter ticket can cause a lot of loss for the passenger.

    It is true that the charter flight ticket is more economical than the system, but one percent think that you might want to cancel your trip, in such a situation that your ticket is a charter type, you have to pay the entire price of the ticket as compensation.

    On the other hand, if you have a child between 2 and 12 years old, it is better to buy a system ticket, because the price of a system ticket is up to 75% lower, but the cost of a charter flight ticket is the same for children and adults.

    Choosing the wrong ticket

    Paying attention to the selected airport or terminal when buying plane tickets online

    Another common mistake in buying flight tickets online is not paying enough attention to the selected airport or terminal when booking the ticket.

    Most of the country’s domestic airports have several terminals, for example, Austin-Bergstrom airport has 2 terminals through which incoming and outgoing flights are made. Now, if the passenger goes to the wrong terminal, he will miss the flight until he finds out and goes to the correct terminal.

    These conditions are also valid for foreign cities, these cities usually have several airports and it is necessary to pay attention to the name of the airport listed on the ticket when buying a plane ticket online. If you don’t do this and try to go to the correct airport, you will most likely miss your flight.

    Common mistakes in buying plane tickets online

    final word

    In this article, we have tried to explain the common mistakes in buying flight tickets online, so try to pay attention to them so that you can book and buy tickets online without any trouble.

    Before buying tickets online, try to be sure about the desired brand and site and get information about after-sales support services. In general, all travel agencies have 24/7 support, but you need to know what the support includes.

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