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Ithaa Underwater Restaurant is one of the most famous places in Maldives

    Underwater Restaurant
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    Maldives is a beautiful and dreamy country consisting of white coral beaches with crystal clear waters. This archipelago, which is located at the equator, with its wonderful weather and unique sights, is an excellent choice for spending a vacation that will make a memorable memory for you.

    This country has many tourist attractions that we recommend Ita underwater restaurant for people who are looking for a unique trip. There are some amazing things you can do while traveling to the Maldives.

    In this article, we are going to talk about the underwater restaurant in Maldives and its features.

    Why travel to the Maldives?

    The country of Maldives, which consists of interconnected archipelagos and is located in the Indian Ocean and southwest of Sri Lanka, is one of the most attractive and spectacular countries in the world, which has many sights and wonders. The islands of this country have unique beaches, coral islands, and many marine animals, and every year many tourists from all over the world travel to this country to see the beauty.

    Maldives consists of 1,200 islands, of which only 26 are inhabited, and one of these islands that is suitable for family vacations is Rangali Island. This island has sandy beaches and clear waters and you can experience a great family vacation in the available hotels and accommodations and fun activities, and enjoy watching dolphins and going to the most beautiful underwater restaurant in the Maldives.

    Ithaa submarine restaurant

    Nowadays, stomach-churning is considered one of the favorite entertainments of travelers on trips. Getting to know the new taste of each region’s cuisine doubles the pleasure of traveling. One of the restaurants that have earned the title of the most beautiful restaurant in the world is the Ithaa restaurant with a unique design.

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    Ita Submarine Restaurant, which means mother of pearl in the local language, is one of the largest submarine restaurants in the world and the winner of three international awards, located on the island of Maldives.

    Ita Submarine Restaurant

    Itha restaurant was the first underwater restaurant in the world in its time, which started construction in 2008, and according to some, this restaurant was built in Singapore and then moved to the Maldives. Due to its unique architecture, it took several years to build; However, despite the fact that several years have passed since the beginning of this restaurant, it continues to work as healthy as the first day. 

    This all-glass restaurant is the most interesting underwater restaurant in the Maldives and has a different style than other restaurants in the Maldives.
    This restaurant with a view of the ocean and marine animals is suitable for people who are looking for a variety of environments and dining in a quiet and peaceful environment.

    Ithaa submarine restaurant with an area of ​​100 square meters and a capacity of 14 people, which includes 7 double tables, is located 5 meters deep in the ocean, and the first moment you enter it, you can watch a 360-degree view of the ocean. 

    The way to enter this restaurant is through the spiral stairs of the pier, and it is made of hard steel with a transparent acrylic dome, and in terms of food variety, it is one of the restaurants in the Maldives with high food variety, excellent quality, and of course, a very high price.

    How to go to an underwater restaurant in the Maldives?

    Ithaa submarine restaurant is located on the Rangali island of the Maldives and in the middle of the Indian Ocean, where you can enjoy the movement of fish and underwater animals and the wonders of creation while eating.

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    To go to Itha Submarine Restaurant in the Maldives, you must first go to Rangali Island, where you can easily travel to this island from Male Airport, and after going to this island, you can go to Itha Submarine Restaurant using a seaplane or speedboat.

    The working hours of this restaurant are from 11:00 AM to 14:30 PM and from 18:30 PM to 22:30 PM.

    Underwater restaurant in the Maldives

    Itha submarine restaurant menu

    As we said, the Itha submarine restaurant has a high variety of food and consists of a five-course menu with local Maldivian food style, American food, etc., and the menu of this restaurant is one of the most expensive menus in the world among luxury restaurants. Also, various kinds of western dishes, salads, various drinks, and delicious desserts are visible on the menu of this restaurant.

    At lunch, which consists of an appetizer, main course, and dessert, you can have a variety of local and international seafood such as salmon, crab, flavored chicken breast, green bean soup, papaya with dark chocolate mousse, green mango salad, Order French fries or pumpkin pie. For dinner, order dishes such as shrimp with tartar sauce, steak, crab, and pasta, healthy food plates, mixed fruit, French food, etc.

    Ita Submarine Restaurant

    Important rules when going to a submarine restaurant in the Maldives

    • Children are allowed to have lunch in this restaurant, But the presence of children in the dinner is prohibited.
    • Guests must wear formal and neat clothes to attend this restaurant.
    • Itha submarine restaurant opens after 11 o’clock and guests are not allowed to enter the restaurant before that.
    • If you are among the people who are afraid of water and aquatic animals, we suggest not going to this restaurant. If there is a problem in this situation, the restaurant officials will not take any responsibility.
    • If your hotel or residence is on another island, call the restaurant before going and reserve your table, and request a transfer from the restaurant.
    • If you plan to take photos in this restaurant, do not take photos from anywhere and do not take photos in a touristic way so as not to disturb other guests.
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    Underwater restaurant in the Maldives

    Summary of underwater restaurant in Maldives

    The underwater restaurant in Maldives is one of the best attractions in Maldives that many tourists visit during their trip to Maldives. Ithaa submarine restaurant, which is one of the largest and most beautiful all-glass restaurants in the world, is located in the Maldives. It is one of the strangest restaurants in the Maldives, where you can travel to the depths of the ocean while dining and enjoy its beauty.

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