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The Five Best Big Air Snowboarding Tricks

    Big air snowboarding
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    When it comes to snowboarding, the biggest and baddest tricks are the ones that will make you legendary. These five tricks will help you dominate the Big Air competition.

    The 5 Best Big Air Snowboarding Tricks

    Below are the 5 Best Big Air Snowboarding Tricks to help you take over the  big air competition game;

    1. The Frontside 1080

    2. The Cab 1080

    3. The Backside 900

    4. The Frontside 720

    5. The Cab 720

    The Five Best Big Air Snowboarding Tricks

    Method Air

    Method airs are one of the most basic, but also most important, tricks in snowboarding.

    As the name suggests, a method air is performed by landing in a method position—that is, with your knees bent and your arms out in front of you. This allows you to absorb the impact of the jump and keep your balance as you land.

    Once you’ve mastered the method air, you can move on to more advanced tricks. But make sure you have the basics down before trying anything too crazy!


    Japan Air

    Japan Air is one of the most popular big air snowboarding tricks.

    There are a few variations of the Japan Air, but they all involve jumping off the ramp with your back to the landing and flipping backwards in the air. You then land on your front foot and keep your board flat against the ground as you ride away.

    Japan airs require a lot of practice and timing, but they’re definitely worth the effort when you pull them off.



    The McTwist is a quintessential big air snowboarding trick. It’s named after renowned snowboarder, Mike McGill, and is a must-have in any big air arsenal.

    To execute the McTwist, you’ll need to go up for a big jump. As you’re in the air, rotate your body 180 degrees so that you’re facing the ground. Keep your arms and legs close to your body to ensure a clean rotation. Make sure to land squarely on your board and ride away like it’s no big deal.



    A 540 is a pretty advanced trick, but it’s definitely doable with a bit of practice. To do a 540, you’ll want to start by heading straight into the air off of a jump. Once you’re in the air, spin your body around so that your back is facing the ground. You’ll want to make sure your arms are outstretched in order to help you balance.

    Then, before you land, spin your body back around so that you’re facing the jump again. Make sure you land safely and solidly on your feet!


    Straight Air

    The straight air is probably the most basic big air snowboarding trick. It’s performed by going off a jump and doing a straight jump in the air. To make it more stylish, try to keep your hands close to your body and your knees slightly bent.



    Big air snowboarding is a thrilling and dangerous sport that can be a lot of fun to watch and even more fun to participate in. There are five tricks that are considered the most important and challenging in big air snowboarding, and mastering these tricks will make you a force to be reckoned with in the world of big air snowboarding.



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