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6 Hidden Gems in New England

    Gems in New England
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    If you want to explore some hidden gems in New England, read on to learn more about Bennington, Old Saybrook, Cliff Island, and Hammond Castle. These towns aren’t hidden in the scenic sense, but they are certainly unique and unusual.

    Read on to discover the hidden gems of each town. You’ll be glad you did. And don’t forget to plan a day trip to the hidden gems of each town.


    Hammond Castle

    Don’t forget to check out Hammond Castle if you’re visiting Massachusetts! Located in the Magnolia neighbourhood of Gloucester, Massachusetts, this historic house was built in 1926 and 1929. The house was home to John Hays Hammond, Jr., an inventor, remote control study pioneer, and inventor who held more than 400 patents.

    The interior of the house was beautifully decorated with period furniture, including a magnificent antique table.

    The architecture of the castle is quite unique. Built with the help of local craftsmen, Hammond built the castle in less than three years. The castle was originally designed to showcase its collection of historical artefacts and served as the headquarters for Hammond Research Corporation. The home was once visited by Walt Disney and was restored to its former glory after his death. The grounds are now a museum for visitors to enjoy.

    The interior is just as intriguing. The rounded ceiling in the Great Hall makes the room extremely acoustic. John Hammond would hear whispers across the room and reply, “I know!” This room was the only one that Irene Hammond could decorate. A 15th century Spanish coiffured ceiling was a wedding present from the Hammonds, and it’s a great way to get a glimpse of the castle’s history.


    Cliff Island

    If you want to experience the best of New England’s coastal regions, visit Cliff Island. This island is nestled in the Casco Bay and has year-round residents.

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    There are several vacation rentals in the area, from modern downtown hotels with full-service day spas to rustic, private cabins in the woods. Here are some tips for exploring the hidden gems of this island. -Plan a visit during the fall and winter seasons to take advantage of the foliage.

    Cliff Island

    Old Saybrook

    Located on the Connecticut River and the Long Island Sound, Old Saybrook, Connecticut, is a small, coastal town that exemplifies small-town living. The town was a seafaring community during the colonial era, and it still has more than 100 historic homes.

    The town’s Economic Development Commission promotes economic development, and visitors will find four shopping centers and scores of retail stores along Main Street and Boston Post Road. The town is also home to seven local and regional banks.

    The Town of Old Saybrook is known for its maritime history, and today the city is a hub for shipbuilding and ship repair. Many contributing buildings from the 1760s to the 1900s are found in the Old Saybrook South Green Historic District. Of particular note is the Colonial-style General William Hart House, which was built around 1767 by a merchant who served during the Revolutionary War. The home has a modern addition that features a mini-kitchen, living room, and full bath.

    Another interesting aspect of Old Saybrook is its beautiful waterfront. Water frontage makes it an ideal location for a picnic or a family day out.

    The Town Dock is situated by the River Museum and offers boardwalk views of the CT River and Long Island Sound. Once upon a time, Old Saybrook had the largest coastal forest between New York and Boston. While it may seem a little sleepy now, the town has plenty of amenities to appeal to visitors.



    If you love art, you’ll want to make a stop in Bennington, Vermont. This hidden gem is home to the Grandma Moses Schoolhouse, which features an extensive collection of fine art from Vermont’s history. There’s also striking modern work by Bennington artists. Grandma Moses is an important figure in Vermont history, and her room in the Bennington Museum features the largest public collection of her works. You’ll be able to see glimpses of the famous artist’s work while you’re here.

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    The Bennington Monument is the tallest building in Vermont and the state’s most popular state historic site. The monument commemorates the Battle of Bennington, which occurred during the Revolutionary War. The obelisk stands close to the town’s borders with Massachusetts and New York. The monument contains a few exhibits and a small gift shop. If you’re looking to learn more about the history of Bennington, be sure to visit the Battle Monument.


    Jericho, Vermont

    If you’re interested in cycling through rural New England, you might enjoy a trip to Jericho, Vermont, where you can experience a small town’s heritage and explore its local attractions. Jericho’s quaint, hamlet-style buildings are surrounded by rolling hills and boast a rustic charm. You can also visit the Jericho Rural Historic District, which has a thriving bicycle scene with bike shops, including Cowbell Mobile Bike Shop and Mason Racing. For beer, stop at the Norwich Inn, which brews English-style cask ales.

    The town is home to an unusual waterfall known as Ithiel Falls. This fall was once blown up by dynamite to stop flooding, but today is one of the hidden gems in New England. A walk down the river will lead you to the stunning waterfall, which is topped with a suspension bridge. During the warmer months, you may even spot a few locals on their bikes!

    After escaping Nazi occupation in Austria, the Trapp Family made their way to America and started a new life in Vermont. The Trapp family had a home in Vermont, but they rebuilt it after Baron Georg Von Trapp’s death. Now, the family runs a 2,500-acre mountain resort with a restaurant, ski lodge, wine cellar, and tennis courts. The resort offers carriage rides and seasonal sports adventures.

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    Located on Cape Ann, the picturesque town of Rockport is a perfect day trip from Boston. This rocky enclave is home to a plethora of art galleries, boutiques, and shops. Visitors can enjoy a day on the beach or stop by the Roy Moore Lobster Co., one of New England’s most popular lobster restaurants. The town also hosts the annual HarvestFest.

    The historic town of Rockport, Massachusetts, is located in Essex County and began as part of Gloucester, another nearby town. This small town was a fishing port and later began to produce granite and pine for shipbuilding. Tourism came later, and it is now a thriving community with a wide array of restaurants, shops, and cultural experiences. During a visit to Rockport, you can enjoy local music, food, and art.

    The town was previously dry, until 2005. Ten years ago, it began to allow alcohol in restaurants. If you’re looking for a place to sip on a martini, you’ll want to check out Rockport. While you’re here, be sure to make a reservation at a top-rated restaurant. The best restaurants are those that have reservations. But if you are looking for something a little more low-key, consider staying in a small town instead.

    Located on a peninsula in northern Massachusetts, Rockport doesn’t jut out into the Atlantic like its neighbour, but it has similar seaside energy.

    The town boasts 30 art galleries, quintessential gift shops, and fudge shops. There are also many lobster shacks and two beaches – Front Beach and Long Beach – which are only a short drive away.

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