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Where to Get Cheap Tickets to China From New York

    Cheap Tickets to China
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    If you are interested in a trip to China, you’re probably looking for cheap tickets to China from New York. Airlines that offer the cheapest airfare to China include Delta, KLM, and China Eastern.
    However, these airlines are not necessarily the best choices for travelers.

    Instead, try looking for nonstop flights on several different airlines. You’ll be surprised by how much you can save when traveling during these low-season months.

    Where to Get Cheap Tickets to China From New York

    Below are agencies where you can get cheap air flights to China.

    Air China

    To find cheap tickets to China from New York, consider traveling during the shoulder seasons. This time of year, days are milder and nights are cooler than the other months, and you can visit most attractions without spending a fortune. This is also the time when the Chinese New Year takes place, which can increase travel costs. However, if you visit the country during the off-season, you can find a cheap ticket to China for under $500.

    There are currently over 20 direct flights from New York to China for less than $4,100. This is an incredible price, and the average cost of a non-stop flight from New York to China is around $13,982. In addition, you can find at least 8 open flights from New York to Shanghai for less than $4,400 within the next seven days. Cathay Pacific, China Southern, and EVA Air are the top airlines offering cheap tickets to China from New York.

    The flight time from Newark (EWR) to Beijing Capital (PEK) from New York is about 18 hours and 58 minutes. It covers approximately 6855 miles, with an average layover time of two hours and forty-five minutes. Several airlines are operating from New York to Beijing, including Air Canada and LOT. If you have time to spare, you should take advantage of the airline’s advance seat reservation service.

    If you want to travel during the coldest part of winter, it is important to plan your trip accordingly. Avoid flying during Chinese New Year, early spring, or late fall, as these are the least expensive times of the year. Despite this, you should consider booking at least 90 days in advance of your travel dates to avoid missing out on cheap international airfare to China. If you are flexible, you can also travel during these times.

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    Traveling from New York to China is easy with cheap flights with Delta. They offer 161 weekly flights to New York, most frequently flying from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson. Prices will vary depending on the location and dates you choose, but you can expect to pay around $48 from Boston Logan Intl. According to, Delta has an average rating of 7.8/10 out of 380 reviews.

    The Chinese government recently relaxed travel restrictions. In response, the U.S. Department of Transportation lifted restrictions. With the recent recovery from the pandemic, U.S. airlines are eager to resume flights to China. As a result, air travel to China has experienced a rapid increase in recent months. Delta is one of the top U.S. airlines. However, there are still several advantages to flying with Delta.

    The downside to flying on a budget airline is the lack of cabin service. Often, you will have to pay for checked baggage as well. You can’t bring large items, as carry-on space is extremely limited. Make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before purchasing a ticket so that you don’t get stuck in a foreign language. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below!

    When traveling to China, keep in mind the time of year. Flights to China vary greatly. You’ll find a lower fare if you’re flexible in your travel dates. China’s tourist season ends in January and February, so you’re more likely to find cheap tickets during these times. Just remember to bring a pollution mask with you – and don’t forget to take a photo!


    If you’re interested in cheap tickets to China from New York, KLM is your best bet. With its codeshare agreements with many other airlines, you can get your ticket to China for less. With the airline’s in-flight services, you can enjoy extra legroom, a personal lamp, and a fantastic in-flight meal. You can even earn miles for just flying with KLM!

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    As the oldest airline in the world, KLM offers the highest quality in-flight service. Their mobile app makes it convenient to check-in and gets flight status updates. You can also view flight schedules and book tickets from KLM’s official website. KLM also operates flights on numerous travel websites. You can check on KLM’s prices by visiting the airline’s website or using FareCompare.

    The airline started adding Boeing combi aircraft to their fleet in 1975, which led to overcapacity. By 1975, KLM had all four Douglas DC models of aircraft, and its fleet of DC-8s was now largely comprised of Boeing 747s. Today, KLM uses both Douglas DC-8s and Boeing 747-400s. In addition to the Boeing 747s, KLM also operates a fleet of Douglas DC-8 aircraft and, more recently, the Airbus A380.

    When booking cheap tickets to China from New York with KOM, keep in mind that baggage and service charges continue to rise, making it difficult to find an excellent deal. Check out the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines web page for current baggage charges. All airlines flying to or from the United States are required by law to provide details on all special item charges and fees. You can also check the U.S. Department of Transportation’s website for more information about baggage issues.

    For a more relaxed, fun experience, upgrade to the KLM business class cabin. The airline offers little houses filled with Dutch liquor and is unique in its design.

    They can be exchanged for new ones in the lounge. KLM’s little houses left a lasting impression on me. You’ll love the new entertainment system on board! When you’re looking for cheap tickets to China from New York with KLM, make sure you check out the airline’s website and choose one with a good track record.

    China Eastern

    There are several different options if you’re looking for cheap tickets to China Eastern from New York. The lowest fares are typically found during the months of November and February. Keep in mind, however, that the Chinese New Year will increase your travel expenses. While Chinese New Year is an excellent time to visit the country, it can be cold in the north and extremely cold in the south. As a result, you may want to book flights at odd hours to get the best deals. Online flight booking is also a great way to save money, as you can find various discounts and promo codes online. One of the best things about purchasing tickets online is that China Eastern never has a higher price than it does online.

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    While it’s possible to find cheap tickets to China Eastern from New York for less than $4,100, the average price is about $13,982. However, the cheapest flight is still more than $14,982, and there are eight or more open flights in the next seven days for under $4,400. The most popular airlines for New York to China flights are Cathay Pacific, EVA Air, and China Southern.

    In addition to their low fares, China Eastern flies to seven North American gateways. Its only nonstop flight is from JFK to PVG, and the airline also offers easy connections to over 200 destinations worldwide. The airline is part of the SkyTeam Alliance, which ensures seamless travel options.

    For passengers, cheap tickets to China Eastern from New York mean comfort and luxury. China Eastern First Class has flat-bed seats and high privacy doors. There are two center suites on the plane for the ultimate in luxury that can be converted into a double-sized bed.

    The airline allows passengers to check-in two pieces of luggage. Economy class passengers can check-in online and print their boarding passes for free. The same rules apply to business class travelers. Airlines also have a loyalty program called Eastern Miles, which allows frequent travelers to earn points when they travel with them.

    These points can then be redeemed for future flight bookings. That way, the airline can continue to offer cheap tickets to China Eastern from New York.

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