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5 Reasons to Visit Cape Cod in the Fall

    Visit Cape Cod in the Fall
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    If you’re looking for a more laid-back holiday on Cape Cod, consider a visit in the fall. Colourful foliage, less crowds, and lesser tourist traffic make for an ideal time to visit.

    Here are 5 reasons why. Read on to find out more! – Less crowded beaches. – Whale watching season is over. – Autumn foliage is the best time to cycle along the Cape. – Less crowded beaches.


    Colourful foliage

    Autumn is an exciting time to visit Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Martha’s Vineyard. Fall foliage on the Cape is often overlooked, but it can make a trip to the coast even more rewarding. The foliage in these areas is a mixture of different colours, and visitors will find that this time of year offers a great combination of beautiful fall colours and leaf-peeping. To see fall foliage at its best, visit Cape Cod during late October.

    Fall foliage on the Cape is particularly spectacular in October and November. The colours of the trees and bushes contrast beautifully with the blue of the sea and the grey of the shingled houses. The fall foliage on Cape Cod can be seen during the late October to early November season, although the exact timing varies year to year. However, regardless of the exact date, the foliage will look its best when the temperatures are comfortable.

    While the first half of autumn in Cape Cod is often called “the second summer,” the second half of autumn on the peninsula is equally as picturesque. During this time, the grass along the coast turns yellow, while maples, beech trees, and oaks change colour to red and brown. Hiking, biking, and wine tasting are also wonderful ways to enjoy the fall foliage. The colours of autumn are the perfect backdrop for a romantic getaway.


    Less crowded beaches

    Although the summer months are always busy, there is a time of year when the beaches on Cape Cod will be less crowded. Mid-September to mid-October is considered the “second summer” on Cape Cod. This time of year is a favourite among Cape Codders. These months have cooler temperatures and fewer tourists. The beaches will still be pristine, but they will be quieter.

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    Race Point Beach, a mile-long beach in Provincetown, is not as crowded as you may think. The crashing surf and undulating dunes make for a fun run. Unlike many other beaches, this one is almost empty. You may see one angler casting his line for bluefish on occasion, but otherwise, it’s a peaceful beach. Parking is limited, and the beach is also accessible by recreational vehicles. You can also take advantage of the surrounding hiking trails.

    In the fall, Cape Cod’s beaches are uncrowded and quaint. The foliage is at its peak during the month of October. Many beaches allow dogs after Columbus Day. Sunsets and sunrises on Cape Cod during this time are breathtaking. And don’t forget about whale watching! Just remember that the fall foliage can still be beautiful. A day spent whale watching is a unique Cape Cod experience. When the leaves change, the sun will be setting.


    Pumpkin picking

    If you are looking for a family activity for the fall, why not consider pumpkin picking on Cape Cod? Pumpkins are a traditional symbol of fall and Halloween. These versatile fruits can be found throughout the region and are perfect for carving and decorating. For a fun fall weekend, pumpkin picking is an ideal activity. While most people think about getting their pumpkins off-Cape the Cape is a strong contender.

    Try a pumpkin carving workshop if you’re looking for a unique fall experience. For a more traditional experience, head to the Cape Ability Farm in Sandwich. They feature pumpkin carving, apple tasting, and a fall scavenger hunt. Admission is free. Pumpkins, apples, and hayrides are just some of the activities for kids. You can even take a walk around the farm and see all of the animals and pumpkins in person.

    While you’re pumpkin picking on Cape Cod, don’t forget to check out the area’s pumpkin patches. The Bourne Cataumet United Methodist Church, located at 383 Sandwich Road, has an annual pumpkin patch that is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sundays are also open. In addition to pumpkin picking, you can enjoy live music and old-fashioned games.

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    Biking on Cape Cod is an experience that’s becoming increasingly popular. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without a bike when you visit. The great thing about Cape Cod cycling is that there are miles of paved bike paths that’ll suit all skill levels and abilities. If you’re new to cycling, here’s a guide to navigating the area’s many trails. Here, we’ll show you how to choose the best routes, find the best spots to ride, and even get some ideas on what you should do once you arrive at your destination.

    During the fall, cycling on Cape Cod is like a special treat. The weather remains warm enough to encourage outdoor activities, and the town has hundreds of miles of paved bike paths. Cycling on Cape Cod is especially pleasant in early spring or late fall when there is no snow to hinder your progress. In fact, the Cape’s climate is conducive to bicycling, and the Department of Environmental Management has purchased a portion of the old Pennsylvania Central Railroad grade and built the Rail Trail. The Rail Trail has become incredibly popular and helped create a cycling culture on the island.

    The Cape Cod Canal Bikeway is an ideal route if you’re a beginner cyclist. It winds between the Bourne and Sagamore bridges and provides beautiful views of the canal. This bikeway is flat, making it the perfect choice for families with young children. Plus, it’s near commercial areas, picnic areas, and restaurants. It’s also convenient if you’re looking for a challenging route with minimal elevation.



    If you’re looking for the perfect fall hiking destination, the Cape Cod Peninsula is your place. There are dozens of hiking trails to explore, from shady woods to rugged coasts. If you’re looking for a family-friendly hike, check out the Cape Cod Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. The grounds are teeming with wildlife and feature a beautiful natural garden. While you’re on Cape Cod, make sure to check out the Long Point Lighthouse, an iconic Cape Cod landmark.

    Hiking in the fall is the perfect way to enjoy the island’s beautiful scenery. The many trails in the Cape Cod area offer breathtaking views and diverse habitats. You can choose a half-day hike or an all-day adventure. There are trails for every level of hiker. Here are some ideas for your next fall hiking excursion:

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    The Great Island Trail is an eight-mile loop that winds through pine forests, marshes, and dunes. At the end of the hike, you’ll see panoramic views of Cape Cod Bay. Make sure to bring sunscreen and plenty of water – this hike will get you pretty sweaty! The Great Island Trail takes about three to five hours to complete. If you’re interested in hiking in the area, consider the Great Island Trail, located on the Cape Cod National Seashore.



    There are a few advantages to fishing for Cape Cod in the fall. For starters, the fall season brings a plethora of different species. This is what sets fishing for Cape Cod apart from other locations. Try fishing during fall foliage if you’re looking for a unique experience. You can even catch pogies on the beach! If you don’t want to wait until spring to try fishing for Cape Cod, you can also check out our guide to fall fishing on Cape Cod.

    In the fall, fish on Cape Cod start to feed aggressively in preparation for their migration. You can find large schools of bass at slack tide, and there are still some false albacore in the ponds. The best time to fish for Cape Cod during fall is after dark, but the daytime bite is excellent too. During this time, the blitzing fish push bait into close to the shoreline.

    While fishing in the fall may not be the best time for catching domaind bass, there are still many opportunities to catch bluefin tuna and mackerel. Despite the slow bites, you can catch some trophy domaind bass by jigging your bait between Sand Eels. There are some species that never leave the area. The larger species, however, will have moved off the Cape.

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