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12 Amazing Things to Do in Mont Tremblant That Will Make You Fall in Love With This Place

    Things to Do in Mont Tremblant
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    Looking for fun things to do in Mont Tremblant? Look no further! Here are our top 12 things to do in this beautiful Quebec town.

    What do you like to do when you travel? Is it skiing? Snowboarding? Hiking? Or maybe all of the above? If this sounds like you, Mont Tremblant might be just the destination for you! This place has endless things to do and see, which makes it one of Canada’s favorite destinations! To help you choose what to do here, here are 12 amazing things to do in Mont Tremblant that will make you fall in love with this place!

    12 Amazing Things to Do in Mont Tremblant

    Mont Tremblant is one of the most stunningly beautiful towns in Quebec, and it’s also one of the oldest cities in Canada! In this article, we’ll be covering some of the top things to do here – there’s never a dull moment in Mont Tremblant!

    From skiing and snowboarding at Mont Tremblant Ski Resort to visiting Le Village tourist center, there’s something for everyone who visits. We’ve got you covered with our list of things to do in Mont Tremblant! Check it out below!

    Things to Do in Mont Tremblant

    1) Winter activities

    A must-do on your winter bucket list is visiting Tremblant Resort. It’s Canada’s biggest ski resort and you can find a little something for everyone, from snowboarding and skiing to tubing, zip-lining, ice skating, tobogganing, and sleigh rides.

    With so many fun activities available at such an exceptional resort, you won’t be bored! But if your travels take you out of the winter season, don’t worry – there are plenty of other ways to get into a festive mood during your stay at Mont Tremblant… or any time of year.

    Visit La Folie Douce to enjoy delicious fondue and truffle dishes; walk through charming downtown Mont Tremblant where you can admire stunning architectural gems like The Historic House; stroll along La Rivière des Enfants, a park lined with natural sculptures; or check out Le Village Fleuri, where all flowers and plants have been grown locally by members of community groups who work hard to maintain their gardens throughout the year.


    2) Food & Drinks

    With so many restaurants and bars, it isn’t easy to decide where to eat or drink first when you visit Mont Tremblant.
    Whether you want casual dining, fine dining, drinks at a bar, or dessert at a sweet shop, we have a recommendation for everyone on your list!
    Try Les 3 Brasseurs (3 Brewers) restaurant for those who love seafood—they serve up delicious fish tacos with house-made salsa. If you’re looking for something more upscale, check out Jardin des Sens restaurant—the ambiance is perfect for a romantic date night.
    For those who love sweets and coffee, head over to Confiserie De La Vallée—their ice cream sundae selection is second-to-none!
    And finally, if you’re looking for authentic Italian cuisine that will leave your taste buds begging for more, stop by Il Pizzaiuolo Italian Restaurant & Bar—you won’t be disappointed!
    There are plenty of great places to choose from when you stay at Centre Hôtel Tremblant.
    Whatever your food preference, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Mont Tremblant!
    Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to Mont Tremblant—and they all come for one reason: snow sports. Whether it’s skiing or snowboarding, there are countless trails just waiting to be explored here.
    After an exhausting day on the slopes, grab some friends and take a relaxing hot tub session back at Centre Hôtel Tremblant —what better way to relax after hitting all those bumps than with some good company and warm water?

    3) Indoor activities

    Depending on when you visit, you may be able to take advantage of indoor activities like skating or swimming. From December through March, a massive climate-controlled skating rink is erected at Place Vacances Valcartier.
    Alternatively, head indoors for an exhilarating swim in one of three pools: one Olympic-sized and two smaller ones with a great view of Mont Tremblant’s ski hills and waterfalls.
    Between mid-June and mid-September (as well as October), there’s also a tubing hill if you want your workout to come with some adrenaline!
    And while all of these are sure to entertain, perhaps nothing beats relaxing by yourself or with friends in a spa cabin. With its stunning views and bubbling hot tubs, it’s not hard to see why vacationers choose them year after year.
    We hope that gives you plenty of ideas for what to do during your next trip to Mont Tremblant! What are your favorite activities? Tell us about them below.

    4) Summer Activities

    A summer vacation is a time to relax and unwind, but sometimes an entire day on a beach can get boring. When you’re looking for something more than just sunbathing, there are plenty of options available at your resort or nearby area.

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    Try water skiing on Lake Tremblant; it’s easy to learn how with a guide, and everyone will be talking about it at dinner that night. If you want more action, go zip-lining through the mountains!

    These excursions only take a few hours, but they leave you with memories that last a lifetime.

    Whether you’re young or old, adventurous or lazy, there are activities designed to keep people of all interests happy at any age! For example, hiking along some of the trails around Mont Tremblant will let you experience a part of nature you may have never seen before.

    This is also great exercise so if weight loss is one of your goals while visiting our wonderful resort town, look no further! There are lots of fun ways to work off those extra calories while staying active as well. For example, kayaking gives you an opportunity to explore without breaking much of a sweat.


    5) Lakeside Rentals

    If you’re looking for a more private and intimate experience with nature, we highly recommend taking advantage of some of our outstanding lakeside rentals.

    From boat and canoe rentals to fishing licenses, you can find just about anything related to water activities right on-site at Quintal-Chute-Blanc Sports (QLCB).

    And when your day is done, relax in one of our spacious condos or cozy chalets that will have you feeling right at home! Contact us today if you’d like to help planning your next staycation. #1: Visit l’Auberge du Lac Tremblant Resort & Spa: The #1 thing to do in Mont Tremblant is visit l‘Auberge du Lac Tremblant Resort & Spa.

    This hotel offers world-class amenities and impeccable service, not to mention its amazing location right on Lake Massawippi. While staying there, please take advantage of all their spa services as well as any number of exciting outdoor activities, including kayaking, biking, hiking, and much more!

    Don’t forget to check out their epic beach bar—it’s sure to be an incredible way to end your trip! Make sure you stop by during sunset—you won’t regret it!

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    6) Shopping & Other Fun Activities

    With over 20 restaurants and bars, there’s never a dull moment. If you’re lucky enough to visit during winter, many of these establishments double as festive nightlife spots with live music and fireplaces that warm your body from head to toe (we recommend hanging out at any bar affiliated with Le Roi des Neiges). During summer, a short stroll down rue de la Station will reveal an array of boutiques selling handmade goods by local artisans.
    Try your hand at painting or shop for souvenirs that reflect your journey through Québec’s French-speaking province. Be sure not to pass up Le Café Brûlerie on your way home for a warm cup of hot chocolate topped with delicious vanilla ice cream! Just remember to save room for some beignets from Boulangerie Marcelle…they’re worth it!
    The Théâtre du Vieux Moulin is also located here, which hosts performances year-round.
    The only thing missing is you! Come experience all that Mont Tremblant has to offer. You won’t regret it.
    We hope you enjoyed reading about our favorite places in Mont Tremblant!

    7) Where to Stay

    The hotels and resorts of Mont-Tremblant all offer different amenities and price points, so it can be difficult to choose which is best for you (especially if you want your money’s worth). Luckily, there’s a hotel tailor-made for each kind of vacationer.

    Want to enjoy nature at its finest? The Auberge des Moustiers is just minutes from many hiking trails in Saint-Jovite National Park—and it has great views of Lac du Sauvage from certain rooms. Traveling with pets?

    Hotel Le Chic Shack is just 5 minutes away from activities like dog sledding, horseback riding, and cross country skiing, making it a perfect spot for a family vacation. Looking for luxury accommodations? You’ll love Le Grand Lodge, where every room comes with an outdoor Jacuzzi and fireplace.

    And if you’re looking for something more affordable, try Camping Les Voyageurs de l’Aventure: It offers cabin rentals starting at $50 per night. Whatever your budget or style preference may be, we have a place that will make your stay in Mont-Tremblant truly unforgettable.


    8) Take an organized Tour

    Whether you want to take a tour of one of several local breweries or learn about how maple syrup is made, there are plenty of organized activities on offer in and around Mont Tremblant.
    Our favorite is a visit to la Ferme du Sucre d’Orford, where you can watch maple syrup being harvested and processed into taffy or sugar (if only it lasted forever). You can even sample food products made from local ingredients like elk jerky or venison sausages – one word: yum! If you don’t have time for an organized tour, consider renting a car and exploring nearby towns like Saint-Donat or Ste-Agathe.
    There’s so much to see and do in the area that you’ll never run out of new experiences. Check out some reviews online before you go, though—sometimes things aren’t as advertised. Happy travels!
    There are many ways to get around while visiting Mont Tremblant.
    While walking is free and great exercise, many visitors opt for other methods of transportation because they prefer not to worry about parking or getting lost in unfamiliar territory.

    9) Hiking Trails

    While there are numerous hiking trails all over Mont Tremblant, one of our favorites is Les Bouleaux Trail. This moderately challenging trail takes you through a dense forest and up a steep hillside with breathtaking views of Lac Tremblant and Jacques-Cartier National Park across it.

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    Halfway through, you’ll see an old stone bridge that spans a small stream; take a break here and enjoy some time in nature.

    Just make sure to bring plenty of water—this trail can get hot as it climbs uphill and there’s little shade on it. It’s about 3 kilometers long, so plan to spend about two hours hiking. If you’re looking for something shorter or easier, try La Chenille Nature Trail instead.

    This 1-kilometer loop trail winds around a quiet pond where you might spot local wildlife like turtles or frogs. You’ll also find benches along the way if you want to stop and rest your legs after your hike.

    No matter which hike you choose, we recommend starting early in the morning when it’s cooler and avoiding weekends if possible because both trails can get crowded quickly during peak season (May through October).


    10) Skiing, Snowboarding & Ski Schools

    With hundreds of kilometers of skiable terrain, there’s something for everyone at Ski Mont-Tremblant resort. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Ski Mont-Tremblant is sure to have something that will inspire you and get your heart pumping!

    Also, don’t forget about snowsports rentals: if you don’t have equipment already, rent some from one of their rental shops and start shredding that powder today!

    You can even take lessons from experts who will teach you all about snowsports; trust us when we say it pays off! [Google link showing pictures] Snowshoeing & Hiking: If skiing isn’t really your thing, but you still want to enjoy winter, try snowshoeing instead!

    It’s a great way to explore nature without having to brave freezing temperatures (or risk breaking any bones). If hiking is more your speed, then head over to Parc National du Mont-Tremblant (National Park) and hike along gorgeous trails through snowy forests and over frozen lakes.

    The views are breathtaking—you won’t regret it! [Google link showing pictures]

    11) Ride down the famous zip line

    Visitors and locals alike can test their nerve on Canada’s longest zipline at Adrenaline Forest. After registering and signing a waiver, guests are suited up with harnesses, helmets, and gloves before being shuttled out to their launch point about 50 meters above the ground.
    When it’s time for take-off, you’ll be strapped into a four-person chair that glides along a wire reaching speeds of more than 100 km/h.
    The ride lasts just over a minute, but you’ll feel like you’re flying much longer. The best part? At $99 per person (including tax), it won’t break your bank account either! And if zip lining isn’t quite your thing, try skyboarding instead.
    It allows riders to control their speed by shifting body weight back and forth.

    12) Walk around the beautiful trails

    Walking around Mont Tremblant is an amazing experience, no matter what time of year it is. If you’re looking for a way to make your visit truly unforgettable, start with a hike through one of these beautiful trails.
    There are plenty of options to choose from panoramic views of Lake Masson and St-Jovite to secluded spots where you can see deer and other wildlife up close. And if hiking isn’t really your thing?
    No problem—there are also plenty of other things to do in Mont Tremblant that don’t involve walking at all!

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